Esophageal Dysphagia: Applications for the Speech-Language Pathologist (1517-003)
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Esophageal Dysphagia: Applications for the Speech-Language Pathologist (1517-003)

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This is a cutting-edge, 2-day course designed for the intermediate dysphagia therapist.  The SLP will become knowledgeable on various esophageal disorders affecting the oropharyngeal stage of swallowing. Diagnostic ability and treatment planning will be dramatically improved by learning to decipher primary oropharyngeal vs esophageal dysphagia.  Learn to identify laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) and GERD and become knowledgeable regarding diagnostic evaluations and medical/ surgical management. You will receive extensive clinical training for advanced interpretation of FEES and MBS to include implementation of the Reflux Finding Score (RFS) and esophageal sweep. Determine appropriate candidates for various tube feeding options given their effect on different stages of swallowing. Evaluation and treatment options for the xerostomic patient will be discussed.



Please contact course instructor Julie A. Huffman, MA, CCC-SLP at or call (919) 784-4677.


September 29 & 30- Chicago, IL

Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

836 West Nelson Street, Chicago, IL 60657 Conference Room G34



“I loved all of this course.  I have a new way of thinking and a new approach that I will begin to integrate in my dysphagia therapy starting Monday.  I think all SLPs should take this course so we can all get ‘on the same page.’” 


“You have so much knowledge to share.  I don’t know if this information is available anywhere else. It should definitely be part of the master’s curriculum!  Your handouts are excellent.  I will certainly view all of my dysphagia patient’s in a new light!”

Melissa Miller, Valley View Home, LTC

“From every perspective, this course ranks as the best I have attended and I have attended more than I can recall.  I can think of some MD friends of mine that could benefit from this course.  You might consider that in your marketing. Great job, Julie.”

 Bertrand Reese, Margate, FL